Clip  from "Thirst For Blood" dubbed  from a older  work tape.

Outtakes Reel from "Thirst For Blood" dubbed  from a older Edit work tape so the quality has been reduced. Will upload a digital master in the future when I have the time.

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A slideshow of screen shots and behind the scenes images from "Thirst For Blood" taken from a original work tape.

"Thirst For Blood" is a film about a vampire plaque that breaks out during Christmas. A vampire attacks a young girl who is taking a short cut through a cemetery. She flees and takes refuge in a stranger's house during a Christmas party. The bloody thirsty vampire tracks the girl to the house. 

Produced, Directed, and Written by Jeff Carney.  Starring Laura Schutter, Kimberly Kurtenbach, Tammy Pescatelli, Matthew Speak, Jennifer Vanerstrom, Janelle Vanerstrom,  Raquel Horton, Tim Edmonds, and Jamie Donovan.

Film Development Coordinator Jeff Carney

Thirst For Blood