And if you wondered what Pupi and Antonio Avati have been up to recently, here's a nice behind the scenes segment on one of their latest films with actress Sharon Stone. 

From my personal collection - a original The Room Next Door Italian  2F movie poster. It measures 39x55.

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The nurse in the film was played by actress Coralina Cataldi-Tossani. If you are a horror fan then you will recognize her from several Dario Argento films (Opera, Demons 2, and Phantom of the Opera). She also hosted the Giallo Italian TV show with Dario Argento.

The sound department wearing the caps for my upcoming film, "Siege Of Evil." 

Boom Operator Jeff Carney while filming a scene from "The Room Next Door"  which was a movie made in Iowa (Quad Cities).

Boom Operator Jeff Carney  as the rehearsal wraps up. 

Sound Mixer Chat Gunter waiting for final lighting before he can go to work.

The Duea Film sound department during filming of "The Room Next Door" in Davenport Iowa. From left - Raffaele De Luca, Jeff Carney, and Chat Gunter

Sound Mixer Chat Gunter recording the dialogue on location for "The Room Next Door."  Director Fabrizio Laurenti is standing behind the camera wearing a striped shirt and sunglasses..

A gallery of on set / behind the scenes photos from The Room Next Door that I took and other photos that Chat Gunter gave to me as a gift at the end of production (Thanks again Chat!) The Room Next Door was filmed in Iowa and the surrounding Quad Cities. Click on any photo above to enlarge the image.

"The Room Next Door" aka La Stanza Accanto is a film about a lawyer who returns to a Iowa town where he must face his past. The lawyer, Martin Yabowsky, played by Mark Benninghoffen, realizes that many years ago the murder of his girlfriend and her friends sentenced an innocent man to death for the crime. He begins to investigate and discovers a horrifying truth about himself. 

The Room Next door

Having yet another opportunity to work for Duea Films in the sound department was too good of an offer to pass up. This would be the fifth film I worked with them on and my last. I was asked back on their next two films after this but sadly each time I had to decline as I was always committed to other films. Even with their generous offer of promoting me to their sound mixer on the films, my film work schedule simply wouldn't permit it as I was already producing/directing a film each time.  I was flattered as I started out as a sound assistant then did some boom operating before they offered me the role of Sound Mixer. Pretty much the same crew was back together again and it was a horror film which made it a very enjoyable experience once again. I have many fond memories of working for Duea Films and producer Antonio Avati on the films we made in the Quad Cities and Iowa.

Written by Pupi Avati and Directed by Fabrizio Laurenti. Produced by Antonio Avati and Aurelio De Laurentiis. Starring Mark Benninghoffen. Also appearing in the cast are Mary Sellers and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni.