Clip from The Creeper  - Coming Soon! 

Outtakes Reel for The Creeper  - Coming Soon! 

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Screen Shots and Behind The Scenes photos of "The Creeper" from a early work tape which is of lesser quality than a master.

I was recently approached about remaking this into a much larger film. I am currently revising/expanding the script and expect to further develop the project after completing the new screenplay. The soonest it would go into production would be in 2017. 

On the set of "The Creeper." From Left: Jeff Carney, Janelle Vanerstrom, Jill Rae Zurbog, Jennifer Vanerstrom, and Shane Partlow.

Produced, Directed, and Written by Jeff Carney. Starring Janelle Vanerstrom, Jennifer Vanerstrom, Jill Rae Zurborg, Colleen Kavanaugh, Jonathon Zimney, and Shane Partlow. Cinematography and Editing by Jeff Carney.  

Film Development Coordinator Jeff Carney

"The Creeper" is a film about visiting a family grave only to encounter a unspeakable horror.

The Creeper