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The sixth of 6 Lobby Cards for The Childhood Friend. These are marked "Sample"

The fifth of 6 Lobby Cards for The Childhood Friend. These are marked "Sample"

The fourth of 6 Lobby Cards for The Childhood Friend. These are marked "Sample"

The third of 6 Lobby Cards for The Childhood Friend. These are marked "Sample"

The second of 6 Lobby Cards for The Childhood Friend. These are marked "Sample"

The first of 6 Lobby Cards for The Childhood Friend. These are marked "Sample"

Original talian  poster for The Childhood Friend (Huge size for subways/sides of buildings).

Large 55x78 4F size original Italian movie poster for The Childhood Friend..

A few of the original Italian movie posters from my personal collection. 

Just before we head back to work after lunch - from left: Sound Mixer Chat Gunter and Boom Operator Raffaele De Luca.

A photo gallery of on set / behind the scenes photos from The Childhood Friend that I took and other photos that Chat Gunter gave to me as a gift at the end of production (Thanks again Chat!)

Click on any image to enlarge the photo.

With some time to kill, Boom Operator Raffaele De Luca tries out potential new sound equipment - a swimmers mask and a pool cue. 

Sound Mixer Chat Gunter changing the microphone as Jeff Carney holds the boompole. 

Behind the scene shot taken in a crowded room. 

Director Pupi Avati tries out the microphone boom between takes. 

Leave it to the sound department to discover a new way of taking a quick nap during the lighting set up.

A quick touch up for make up before filming resumes.

Boom operator Jeff Carney during filming of The Childhood Friend. 

A Slideshow of photos from the scene with the Cadillac as it unfolds.  

Jason Robards III relaxing between set ups with the sound department. Talented actor and a very nice man. 

Original Italian Insert movie poster for The Childhood Friend.

One day, a nice car was needed for the bad guys to roll up in so they asked if they could borrow my parent's Cadillac. It makes an appearance in the film after a quick wash by the crew!

This was the fourth time I was hired by Duea Film and was a great experience as usual in working with them. Anytime I get to watch Pupi Avati direct on set is something special and a rare learning opportunity. This is my personal favorite of Pupi Avati's films that I worked on. From a really engaging story to great performances by Jason Robards III and Jim Ortlieb. It's a very entertaining and disturbing film.

Directed by Pupi Avati. Produced by Antonia Avati and Aurelio De Laurentiis. Starring Jason Robards III, Jim Ortlieb, Amy Galper, Robert Swan, Mary Sellars, Lee R. Sellars.

"The Childhood Friend" aka L'Amico D'Infanzia is a film about a childhood friend who comes back for revenge. The story revolves around Arnold Gardner who was played by Jason Robards III (John Carpenter's They Live) who is the host of a popular television show. His childhood friend, Eddie Greenberg who was played by Jim Ortlieb (Home Alone / Flatliners) is jealous of Arnold's success and wants to blackmail him over a "sin" which he committed in his younger days. Eddie begins to murder people in order to force Arnold to admit a childhood secret on air.

The Childhood Friend