Outtakes Reel from Sinister Tales.

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With some of the cast from "Sinister Tales."

Jeff Carney, behind camera, filming a scene from Sinister Tales in the Alleman High School lobby (1986).

Jeff Carney, behind camera, filming a scene from Sinister Tales in the Alleman High School lobby (1986).

Behind The Scenes Photos taken on the set of Sinister Tales.

Screenshots from the original Sinister Tales Work Tape - which is lower quality than a Master. 

This was a very early film I made back in 1987. The movie was shot after "Hawk Jones"  and instead of filming again on 3/4",  I upgraded to a Sony Betacam video camera. At the time, that was a professional broadcast camera. Editing was done on Betacam and mastered onto a 1 inch video reel. It was a very fast shoot. To give you an idea - usually our filming schedule is 4-5 weeks for a film. "Sinister Tales" which was comprised of 5 different stories, including one set in the 1950's, was shot in 4 days in the Quad Cities. 

The short schedule was necessary as at the time, equipment rental was fairly expensive and the camera/lighting/sound package was rented on a Friday morning and it had to be returned by close of business on Monday. Because it was a weekend rental - the four days was actually considered only a 2 day rental. Considering the amount of locations we had and the large amount of people that had to be coordinated, it was a very smooth but very fast shoot. The only time I personally could tell how fast we shot it was during the farm segment which I experimented on and filmed more like a stage play rather than traditional film coverage as we were simply running out of time and had to get the equipment back to the rental company by the end of the day. I have fond memories of working with the actors who never flinched at all under the fast schedule.

After completing it, I sent screeners to several video distributors and received offers from several before signing with one of the larger video distributors at the time located in Arizona.

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Original VHS Cover.

"Sinister Tales" is a Horror anthology film consisting of 5 stories which all are interconnected.  A group of four friends (3 guys and a girl) gather together one evening in an attempt to scare each other by telling their own Sinister Tale. Unknown to the girl, the three guys are planning a prank on her by the end of the evening where they send the class geek to her house on what he thinks is a prearranged date. Only to have the prank end in horror as the final Sinister Tale.

Produced, Directed, and written by Jeff Carney.  Cinematographer and Digital Editor for the 2015 clips Jeff Carney.  Original 1986 Betacam Editor Richard Lowry.  Film Development Coordinator Jeff Carney.

Starring Todd Queck, Lainie Whiles, Thomas Hart, Jon Zimney, Tor Lowry, Rebecca Callaway, Ken Kordick, Lloyd Nelson, Christopher David, Jay Dietrich, Shane Partlow, Sunny Tedell, Linda McGraw, Howard Johnson, Kim Dahms, Colleen Kavanaugh, Jacqueline Peschang, Candis Edson, Genevieve Alatore, Fred Ricaurte, Nicholas Peschang, John Thull, Jack Hendrix, David Cahoon, Katie Williams, Diane Whiles, Molly Tiernan, and Jennifer Flannery.