First Trailer for the Siege Of Evil Special Edition DVD.

Outtakes Reel from Siege Of Evil.

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​The first trailer and outtakes reel is below. Just scroll down to find it. Clips coming soon!

A slideshow of on set photos and screenshots taken from a early work tape for Siege Of Evil.

The early prototype of the DVD cover for the Siege Of Evil Special Edition DVD. Thanks to Joe Sherlock for his work on the cover. 

Siege Of Evil received the Best Scream Queen Award (Jenaya Carman in her first role) at the Horror Dance Film Festival. The film was distributed by Pendulum Pictures/Maxim Media/Brain Damage Films, and Mill Creek Entertainment as part of their Everlasting Evils and Tomb of Terrors DVD collection sets.

The upcoming Siege Of Evil Special Edition DVD will be exclusively distributed through digitally remastered for the first time and with 5.1 surround audio.

The same location after filming - the red brick building across the street from the exterior church location is Lincoln School in Rock Island Illinois which was used for the interiors of the church. We simply had to walk across the street when we wanted to go inside the church for filming. 

The film was shot at different locations throughout the Quad Cities. It was a very fun shoot with a talented cast. The script required a haunted looking location that was in a remote wooded area. Not finding exactly what I wanted, I ended up using some filmmaking magic (creative editing) and combined four different locations to make one for the scenes at the haunted Chuch location.

The surrounding exterior are of the haunted location - the walk up by Sarah, Mark, and Barry was filmed in a field on Big Island (Milan Illinois).

The surrounding exterior area of the haunted location - the final jogger approach to the church and for shots of the jogger with woods behind her as she stands in front of the church was shot in Black Hawk Park in Rock Island, Illinois.

The exterior of the ​haunted location (The church) - was filmed near downtown Rock Island Illinois at an abandoned church (the former First Church Of Christ Scientist in Rock Island Illinois) as seen in the photo below which the owner graciously offered to us for use.

              The former First Church Of Christ Scientist in Rock Island, Illinois which was

              used as the haunted location in the film Siege Of Evil.

While the interior of the the haunted location (The church) - was filmed in an abandoned school building (Lincoln School in Rock Island Illinois) which was directly across the street from the building used for the exterior. The school has since been demolished.

DVD Review of Siege Of Evil:

Film critic Jamie Lisk from Cranked On liked it better than the $10 million dollar budget film White Noise starring Michael Keaton which was also about EVP. Reviewer Jamie Lisk writes "I liked this more more than White Noise....Carney resists the temptation to pull punches as the film draws to a close. The typically melancholy climaxes that usually result from movies where good faces off with evil, doesn't factor in here. Not this time. And what a wonderful surprise too..If  this is any indication, Carney has got plenty of talent .....With it's twisty-turning story and uncompromised ending, this film remains suprisingly enjoyable. Carney handles the idea of a family dealing with a loved one who is slowly dying of cancer with surprising realism. In fact, that aspect of the film, with all of it's stark ugliness (A scene of the mother vomiting is shockingly powerful) and trauma, almost overwhelms the remainder of the film which could be a good or bad thing depending on where you are on the gore hound vs. horror fan scale. Thankfully Carney has the good sense to pull back and re-focus on the ghost story at hand; and the grief expressed by the characters only adds to the tension and atmospherics of the film. The sense of dread is ever-present, almost from the second Susan gets a susrpise visit from a certain evil-eyed beauty (Barbara Engstrom) at her home. For all these reasons, Siege Of Evil ranks as one of the better indie ghost-stalker flicks I've seen."

Siege Of Evil is a film about communication with the dead. Sarah Logan (Desiree Muse) decides to dabble in EVP (electronic Voice Phenomena) by using a tape recorder to record the unheard voices of the dead from haunted locations. After ghost hunting at a old satanic church, she returns home to find threatening voices on the recorder. The forces of darkness are gathering and no one is who they seem to be as the family falls under a Siege Of Evil.

Produced, Directed, and Written by Jeff Carney. Executive Producer Shayla Mihaki. Starring Desiree Muse, Scott Naumann, Amelia Foster, Jerry Wolking, Patti Flaherty, Jim Seward, Barbara Engstrom, Jenaya Carman, and Denise Yoder. Cinematography, Music, and Editing by Jeff Carney.   Film Development Coordinator Jeff Carney.  Release date: August 8, 2006