- Film Critic Jamie Lisk from Cranked On Cinema.com liked it better than the $10 million dollar budget film White Noise starring Michael Keaton which was also about EVP. Reviewer Jamie Lisk writes "I liked this more more than White Noise....Carney resists the temptation to pull punches as the film draws to a close. The typically melancholy climaxes that usually result from movies where good faces off with evil, doesn't factor in here. Not this time. And what a wonderful surprise too..If  this is any indication, Carney has got plenty of talent .....With it's twisty-turning story and uncompromised ending, this film remains suprisingly enjoyable. Carney handles the idea of a family dealing with a loved one who is slowly dying of cancer with surprising realism. In fact, that aspect of the film, with all of it's stark ugliness (A scene of the mother vomiting is shockingly powerful) and trauma, almost overwhelms the remainder of the film which could be a good or bad thing depending on where you are on the gore hound vs. horror fan scale. Thankfully Carney has the good sense to pull back and re-focus on the ghost story at hand; and the grief expressed by the characters only adds to the tension and atmospherics of the film. The sense of dread is ever-present, almost from the second Susan gets a susrpise visit from a certain evil-eyed beauty (Barbara Engstrom) at her home. For all these reasons, Siege Of Evil ranks as one of the better indie ghost-stalker flicks I've seen." .

- "Low budget horror films seldom impress me anymore. Siege Of Evil is the exception. Competently written and directed with solid acting throughout. Proof that you don't need all the latest special effects to craft a scary ghost haunting tale. Hollywood could learn a thing or two from this type of movie."

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- "As a ghost hunter in my spare time, I found the film to be very entertaining. The best example of EVP in a film with a interesting twist on it. I may have to look over my shoulder at the next investigation because of this film."

- "I didn't know what to expect but Siege Of Evil takes the creep out factor to an all new level.  The scene in the fog is great. I really dug it."

- "Looking for a independent horror film to satisfy you? Siege Of Evil, a film about communicating with the dead, is a hell of a good scare."

- "Siege Of Evil takes a simple concept of electronic voice phenomena and elevates it to an engaging horror story with shape shifting, a cancer stricken mother, and some truly haunted moments that keep popping up at a great pace. Good direction and writing. Usually low budget films suffer from poor acting but Director Jeff Carney avoids that here with a talented cast. Each have a great handle on their characters. It is a well crafted horror tale that takes you by the hand and leads you into the darkness unforgivingly. "

- "4 scythes out of 4 scythes rating. Should be among the best independent horror films of the year."

- "A really creepy film. The funeral home scene really got to me. Low budget but it delivers. Highly recommended."

- "Well written and acted. Most impressive was how the story moves right along thanks to a interesting plot and characters combined with great editing. One of the better indie horror films I've seen."

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