OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine Premiere Party.  

Trailer for OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine

It was a honor to be asked back in 2015, if I would consider contributing some material to Outatime. Previously back in 1990, I had been contacted by Steven Spielberg's production company, Amblin Entertainment and was asked if I would be willing to speak to the Chicago Television Media about the Back To The Future films prior to the one time Sold Out trilogy showing of all three films back to back to back. I traveled back from Canada for this event.

                  Jeff Carney being interviewed by the Chicago Media at the

                  Sold out Back To The Future Trilogy Showing (Back To Back

                  To Back)  in 1990.

I have to say Amblin/Universal treated us so amazing that day at the trilogy screening. While I was being interviewed, they made sure our seats inside the theater were reserved. While I didn't get into theater until right before the film started due to the interviews, they made sure they saved and gave me one of their Promo shirts (Back To The Future Back To Back To Back) along with other special giveaways which they ran out of during the influx of people into the theater. I was more than happy to  assist then and was once again happy to have a minor role in this Back To The Future related project. You'll will even see me on the Outatime Blu-ray/DVD a couple of times. Universal Studios also dug deep into the archives for some amazing material. Outatime documents the restoration of one of Hollywood's most famous picture cars - the Back To The Future DeLorean which had fallen into a sad state of decay by being left exposed to the elements and people on the back lot of Universal Studios. Hopefully the studios will consider saving more of their picture cars in the future as they are a vital part of cinema history.

After premiering the restored DeLorean at Universal Studios, it was then transported over to it's final home at the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles, CA. If you are a Back To The Future Fan, you will love Outatime.  

You can discover more about the about amazing Outatime documentary and purchase a copy by visiting the official website at Outatimemovie.com .

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​You can also visit my USC School Of Cinematic Arts page (scroll down that page toward the bottom) to learn more about my time in Hill Valley (The location from Back To The Future) along with seeing some rare photos which I took at the location which is on the back lot of Universal Studios.

Jeff Carney with the DeLorean Time Machine from Back To The Future. 

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Outatime: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine is a documentary on the restoration of the original DeLorean that was used in Back To The Future.  It details the exhaustive effort that was undertaken by talented automotive team, Back To The Future writer/producer Bob Gale, Universal Studios, and dedicated fans of the film to save the famous picture car. Directed by Steve Concotelli.

Outatime: saving the delorean time machine