With two of the stars of "Revenge" - From Left:  Lallie Whiles, Jeff Carney, and Lainie Whiles. 

A touch up for make up during filming.

Lainie Whiles finishing the special effects make up on Andy Van Hoe as Lallie Whiles looks on - Behind The Scenes of "Revenge".

"Revenge" is a early award winning Super 8 film which I produced and directed. Starring Andy Van Hoe, Lainie Whiles, and Lallie Whiles. The film was made back in 1987 and is about the fate of man who stops to help others on a isolated country road. It won several awards at horror short film festivals including Audience Favorite, Best Cinematography, Best Short, and Best Director.  After the film are the unused outtakes.

Outtakes Reel from  "Curse Of The Irate Zombies From Beyond The Grave Who Stalk People Like You and Me" (1986).  Coming Soon

A clip from the horror spoof "Curse Of The Irate Zombies From Beyond The Grave Who Stalk People Like You and Me" (1986).  Coming Soon

A slideshow of behind the scenes images taken on the set of the horror spoof "Curse Of The Irate Zombies" (1986). 

One of the 3D photos taken on set in Andalusia, Illinois as we wait for darkness so filming can begin.  Doug Jordan holding the prop Axe while Jeff Carney, in the blue cap, talks with some of the soon to be zombie extras. 

During my Freshman year in college, I decided to film an attack on a farm house by zombies so I could practice my editing skills. Night Of The Living Dead was the obvious inspiration. Since I knew I was going to use friends in the film, I decided to make it fun for them and less work by turning it into a comedy. I found a deserted farmhouse which we received permission to film in. And "Curse Of The Irate Zombies From Hell and Beyond The Grave Who Stalk People Like You and Me" was born. ​ The horror comedy simply revolved around three construction workers who were ordered to go out and inspect an abandoned house that the company purchased. Little did they know, a serial killer had lived in the house and was buried in the back. The serial killer resurrects along with those whom he murdered - all as flesh eating zombies who would attack the workers trapped in the farm house.

The real owner of the remote farm house, which was located in Andalusia, Illinois, allowed us to do anything we wanted to the property. There was no power in the farm house but the property owner allowed us to run extension cords over to his barn (which had power) so would could actually light the farm house (Both exterior and interior).

"It's Only a Joke" is an early film I produced and Directed. Starring Lainie Whiles, Todd Queck, Jon Zimney, Christopher David, and Tor Lowry. " This  ended up being the connecting story for the horror anthology film, Sinister Tales. This was  turned into the ending of Sinister Tales. Coming Soon

"The Foreclosure" is an early award winning film set in the 1950's which I produced and Directed. Coming Soon

"Too Much Of An Inconvenience" is a early award winning film I produced and directed. Starring Tim Edmonds and Jill Rae Zurborg. 

Coming Soon

Even before Hawk Jones and Noises there were a few films where my role was Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. This page is a brief look at those through photos and video clips. Some of my very early work. You can also visit the Early Years page on this site to see even more.  Too often, filmmakers are hesitate to show their earliest work because it's not their best. But we all start somewhere. This is how I started. I also wanted to post it as a thank you to all of those in front and behind the camera who assisted me during those early years.  The USC Films are located on the USC page of this site.

Other Films

Behind The Scenes footage from The New Years Eve Terror. Coming Soon

Curse Of The Irate Zombies From Hell and Beyond The Grave Who Stalk People Like You and Me

A Zombie, Mark Detl, enjoying hand a la carte.

Jeff Carney directing the news cast scene from The New Years Eve Terror which is another early film (horror comedy) about a group of girls who are on their way to a New Years Eve Party when their car breaks down and three deranged brothers are on the loose. Filmed in 16mm with the news segment shot on video. We purposely dubbed it so that he would be similar to a Japanese monster movie.

The abandoned farm house location in Andalusia, Illinois for Curse Of The Irate Zombies.

Murder On Clark Drive was shot in 1988. It dealt with two girls inheriting a large estate from their uncle that held a terrible secret. Once moved in, they discovered the mansion was haunted and call in some paranormal investigators to help. Click on any photo above to enlarge that image.

The cast and crew patiently waiting for darkness to come so filming can begin on Curse Of The Irate Zombies. 

Filming the zombies eating body parts. 

Filming a zombie attack in Curse Of The Irate Zombies with Julie Bowman. 

This film was shot in 1983, during my junior year in high school, and dealt with a killer Ice Cream Delivery man. Click on any photo below to enlarge that image.

Final preparations for cast and crew. 

The crew. From left Tim Edmonds, Bryan Bobb, Ray Campos, Dave Cahoon, Richard Lowry, and Jeff Carney. 

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