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Clip from "Noises"

Behind the Scenes/Outtakes from "Noises"

Produced by Jeff Carney. Produced and Directed by Richard Lowry. Starring Larry Marcheschi, Steve Martens, Annette Marie Wilson, and Patty Goulet. 

"Noises" is a film about a murder in the apartment upstairs that is overheard by Anthony (played by Larry Marcheschi). He decides to investigate and soon discovers a man (played by Steve Martens) has murdered a baby and also may have killed the mother (played by Annette Marie Wilson).       

"Noises" slideshow from the premiere screening.

Interesting to note that "Noises" was really a test for our next film "Hawk Jones" to see if we could shoot a movie on video and have it actually look like a film. I was told there was no way we could edit it and have it look like a movie since at the time I only had a VHS camera as a high school student.  I discovered a local public access television station had a 3/4" editing system. So we experimented by copying the VHS footage over to 3/4" video tape so we could at least edit it professionally.It also showed we could solve problems by coming up with creative solutions and alternatives when most people would have walked away with no ability to professionally edit VHS footage at the time (1985).

The cast and crew of Noises - From left: Steve Martens, Patty Goulet, Larry Marcheschi, Annette Marie Wilson, Director Richard Lowry, and Producer Jeff Carney

This film came about after I was asked to judge the movies at the first Quad Cities Film Festival in 1985. I was a senior in high school and at the festival I met one of the entrants, Richard (Rik aka Rico) Lowry whose film I gave the Best Film award to. Afterward the Festival, we talked and decided to make a film together since I had a video camera. My role would be as the producer/assistant director and Rik would be as writer/director. We filmed in the Quad Cities. The exterior and upstairs murder apartment sets were located in Rock Island, Illinois and the downstairs apartment was located in Moline ,Illinois. Through the magic of editing, it appeared as one building. We also did some additional filming in Bettendorf, Iowa and in some warehouse space inside of a printing company in downtown Moline, Illinois.