Jeff Carney with the screen used DeLorean from Back To The Future.

​​​​​​​​4/19/16  Early Student Films added / The Future
Added several of my early short student movies which were shot on film. New digital transfers. "Lost and Found" and "Won't anyone Look At My Film" were added to the USC School Of Cinematic Arts page.  While "Revenge" was added to the Other Films page. These films won several awards at film festivals.

Continued progress on the upcoming films with script revisions, location scouting and locking down several locations for filming. Casting continues so please check the Casting page on how to get involved.

Michael J. Fox signing my Back To The Future poster.

3/1/19  Screenplay Work

I always wanted to write a film about Exorcism but couldn't find a new way of doing that until now. I'm starting the long research phase and then the actual writing of the screenplay which looks at Exorcism in a completely different way than  has ever been done before. I'm very surprised that it hasn't been done previously. And very excited about the project. More to come.  


It was a honor to be thought of for the film. I was asked if I would contribute some material to Outatime and you'll even see me in the film a couple of times.  It seems that Universal Studios and Back To The Future pop up in my life every so often as this isn't the first time. You can learn more on the Outatime Page on this website. If you are a Back To The Future fan, you will love Outatime

You can also learn more about my Back To The Future adventures by visiting by USC School of Cinematic Arts page on this website.

5/10/20  Scrapbook updated  and Travel Adventure Vlog

This project has been many years in the making and now I've finished the first Sneak Preview episode for the Prime Enthusiast YouTube Travel Vlog. This 4K Travel Vlog will take you on adventures all around the world. Check out the Travel Vlog page on this website. Many fun adventures to come.

1/10/18 Theatrical Release One Night Only at 200 theaters nationwide

 '85: The Greatest Team in Football History" will be released in theaters for one night only on January 29th in 200 theaters nationwide. As a long time Bears fan, it was a thrill to be the camera operator for the Chicago Bears Training Camp footage in this profile on the Super Bowl XX winning Bears. For a list of theaters click on Fathom Events. Theatrical trailer below.

8/12/17 Website updates


Added more photos and video clips. I also just finished editing Behind The Scenes of the film we made (thanks to Steve Moes).

It was a Pupi Avati directed film titled "Brothers and Sisters" starring Franco Nero (Die Hard 2 / Force 10 From Navarone). 

I have fond memories of working with these people. More to Come.

Trailer for Outatime Saving the DeLorean Time Machine.

Also, the Scrapbook page has been updated. It features photo memories of the opportunities I've had through the years to meet many interesting and kind people in the film industry. Above is a photo of myself with directors Frank Darabont (Showrunner for season 1 of The Walking Dead, The Green Mile,  Shawshank Redemption) and Chuck Russell (The Mask, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors, Eraser). Stay Tuned as a lot more content is being added later this year!


In the meantime among the new video clips, you will find several sneak previews from The Shadow People (check out The Shadow People page in the Films section  of this website). The movie was a film festival winner for "showcasing outstanding talent."

Early Years page was updated with behind the scenes photos and I was honored to be asked by director/producer Scott Prestin to have a small role in the making of '85 The Greatest Team in Football History (Chicago Bears Documentary on the 1985 Superbowl winning team). One of the producers is legendary linebacker Otis Wilson from that Superbowl winning Bears team. I've added a page called '85 The Greatest Team in Football History in the Films section of this website. Chicago Bears fans will love the documentary. It is renamed for the theater release.

In sad news, Film director George Romero has passed away. When I made Autopsy Of The Dead, one of the many things I took away from that was how well liked he was by the cast and crew on Night Of The Living Dead. Pop Culture Tonight contacted me today about speaking on George Romero's impact on cinema with host Patrick Phillips. The segment will be broadcast on Wednesday 7/19 on the Pop Culture Tonight Website (episode featuring Dan Payne) and will also be in select radio markets starting on Thursday and again in different markets on Monday. Thanks to George Romero for all of the memories created in dark theaters which will last forever in so many hearts and minds of fans around the world.

1/15/18  The Criterion Collection release

It was an honor to be asked by a prestigous distributor, The Criterion Collection, to license clips to them from my film Autopsy of the Dead so they could be included in their 2018 4K release of "George Romero's Night of the Living Dead." The clips will be in a new featurette (13:04) called "Walking Like The Dead."

9/13/17 Site Wide updates continue


Still adding more photos and video clips to all pages. Far from completing this website. Among the latest additions is the Film Festival award winning movie "Burning Desire - The Dark Side Of Passion." A new clip has been added.

7/18/16 The Future - Outatime 


In April, I mentioned a film that a director/executive producer asked me to have a minor role in.  I can talk about it now as the Blu-Ray release date is tomorrow (July 19th). The Film is Outatime: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine.    The film documents the extensive restoration of the DeLorean from Back To The Future.

7/15/16 Important Casting News


Casting is now closed for all upcoming films. I would like to thank the overwhelming number of people who contacted me about getting involved with the upcoming films. It confirmed what I already knew about the high level of talent in the midwest! Casting is now closed not because we are headed into production on the upcoming films but I've cancelled the films due to a family emergency. My mother, who successfully went through ovarian cancer surgery at age 85, then went on to take 6 rounds of chemo as a precaution to kill any microscopic cancer cells which may have been left behind was given an all clear at her first blood test after completing chemo. Two weeks later a CT scan revealed the cancer had metastasized to her liver which was completely unexpected. I'm helping with her continued care. The updates will likely be fewer on here for the remainder of the year due to the demands on my schedule. I could not bring myself to delay the films again due to her recent diagnosis. Over the last few years, I've been very proud of the development on the scripts which in turn led to a lot of interest and support in them which in turn led to larger budgets for each.  However, I do not want to spend the next 1 1/2 years in Production and Post knowing how much time that I would put into the films as producer/director which meant time taken away from my mother during a critical period in her life. Not many people outside the film industry realize the tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into making a single film from concept through a finished product on any budget - let alone having to deliver several films over a relatively short period of time. That trade off of time was something I am not willing to make for any amount of money at this juncture. Time is precious at the moment. Family first.

Thank you again for your interest in casting and understanding  - Jeff.

Siege Of Evil Special Edition DVD Trailer #1

George Romero and Jeff Carney.


The 4K restoration of Night of the Living Dead was done by the Museum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation (created by many of the top filmmakers in Hollywood including Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, and Steven Spielberg) with funding provided by the George Lucas Family Foundation. This is a "Official" release from Image Ten so the original creators of Night will actually see money from distribution unlike the public domain copies which have been distributed for decades. Please support this release of the 4K restoration of Night of the Living Dead. Autopsy of the Dead was nominated for the home entertainment industry's highest honor "Best Direct To Video Title of the Year" (Home Media Magazine), fan nominated for Best Independent Film of the Year at the Eighth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, and Winner Best Documentary of the Year at the Dead Letter Awards (Mail Order Zombie).

7/17/17 Website updates


Just finished a complete update of this website with new content including production stories, photos, and new videos. More to Come.

Website Design by Jeff Carney. Website is for entertainment purposes only. Website Terms and Conditions - Website Content: All original content including but not limited to photos, scans, video clips, interviews, quotes, text, images , design, and intellectual property rights of are Copyright © MMXX by Jeff Carney All Rights Reserved [] Text and interviews are considered Quotes and all Exclusive rights are held by Jeff Carney. Please do not remove item(s) for any reason without expressed written permission from Jeff Carney. Thanks for your cooperation.      

Great article on the making of the George Romero film Night Of The Living Dead in the Wall Street Journal. I edited together some exclusive Autopsy Of The Dead interview clips upon request of The Wall Street Journal so they could use them with their article.

You can watch a larger view of The Wall Street Journal Exclusive Autopsy Of The Dead clips right here. Great to see these wonderful people from Night Of The Living Dead get some more recognition after all of these years.

9/07/10 Nominated for Best Direct To Video Title Of The Year - the Home Entertainment Industry's highest honor.

9/27/10 Autopsy Of The Dead in the Wall Street Journal 

Special thanks to the amazing cast and crew of Night Of The Living Dead for their contributions to Autopsy Of The Dead. We have been very fortunate to have also been nominated for Best Independent Film Of The Year and Best Direct To Video Title Of The Year since the release of the Autopsy. What wonderful honors which are appreciated.And I can't forget the Best Soundtrack CD at this years Dead Letter Awards went to "They Won't Stay Dead" (music from Night Of The Living Dead) which Autopsy Producer Jim Cirronella worked so hard  putting together and releasing. Congratulations Jim! You can hear the Autopsy Award at 1:42:00 during the MP3 of the awards show.

3/01/11 Autopsy Of The Dead Wins Best Documentary Of The Year Award. 

Autopsy Of The Dead was selected as the Best Documentary Of The Year at the Dead Letter Awards sponsored by Mail Order Zombie. We appreciate the support from Derek M. Koch and Mail Order Zombie.

Las Vegas based Rounds Entertainment and Max Cerchi sued for Copyright Infringement.

Independent Filmmaker Jeff Carney, who is being represented by the Reno Nevada law firm of Watson and Rounds, filed a lawsuit in 2003 against Rounds Entertainment and Max Cerchi also known as Massimiliano Cerchi of Las Vegas, Nevada for breach of contract and a federal copyright action for infringement.

The suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada alleged that Rounds Entertainment/Max Cerchi aka Massimiliano Cerchi of Las Vegas, Nevada breached the distribution contract for the sci/fi horror movie "THE SHADOW PEOPLE" and committed willful copyright infringement after the distribution contract was terminated by the plaintiff (Carney) after 20 months of waiting for video distribution through Rounds Entertainment. While Max Cerchi had sold copies of the movie, Carney had received no payment of any kind.

The online catalog belong to Rounds Entertainment contained the movie "The Shadow People" which was produced and directed by Carney, months after it was pulled from the distributor by the plaintiff. The distribution contract was terminated by the plaintiff in April of 2002 yet the movie remained for months in the catalog section of the Rounds Entertainment website as being available for sale. If someone placed an order then a copy of the movie would be shipped even though it was months after Rounds Entertainment lost the distribution rights to the title and had returned the masters to the plaintiff back in April of 2002.

Jeff Carney stated "I was fortunate that I kept detailed records and had excellent legal representation. We caught him selling (deposited check) and shipping the movie after he had lost the rights to the picture and had already returned the masters to me months before - after I terminated the distribution agreement. Even without the distribution rights and master, Max Cerchi / Rounds Entertainment was still willing and able to mail a copy of the movie to anyone who placed an order through their website. It's really sad and unfortunate because it hurts all of us who make or distributor independent films for a living when one distributor thinks that they can get away with breaching a contract and copyright infringement on a title that they no longer have the distribution rights to. Other distributors obey the laws and Massimiliano "Max" Cerchi of Rounds Entertainment should as well."

The U.S. District Court of Nevada issued a default judgment of over $96,000 for compensatory damages for breach of contract, willful copyright infringement, and attorney fee's and awarded the sum to Jeff Carney against Massimiliano "Max" Cerchi and Rounds Entertainment. It was further ordered by the Court that a permanent injunction be "entered against Defendants Rounds Entertainment and Massimiliano "Max" Cerchi, their officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and those persons in active concert or participation with them, prohibiting any future sales, leases, or copying of any kind or nature of "The Shadow People."

After the judgment was issued Jeff Carney stated, "This is a great day for independent filmmakers and distributors. A Court has shown that they are not going to tolerate a video distributor who breaks the law and who breaches a contract. The distributor who doesn't obey the laws or honor contracts is going to be held accountable for their actions. It's unfortunate that there are always a small minority of film distributors who think they don't have to compete on the same field as the other hard working distributors since most of them obey the laws and honor contracts. This judgment sends a strong message out to others and exposes Massimiliano "Max" Cerchi of Rounds Entertainment."

Carney went on to say "If more filmmakers took legal action, you would see less of this type of activity by people who believe they can get away with it because they think the independent filmmaker isn't going to take the time or effort to go after them. I know we touched a nerve when the day before depositions were to start for the trial, Cerchi's attorney called my lawyers to inform them that he had not been in contact with Cerchi for several months and didn't know where he was. Cerchi fled, ignoring a Court Order to pay attorney costs for the plaintiff, while closing down (his company's website). It's a good day for all independent filmmakers as well as all of the distributors who obey copyright laws any time a person like this can be brought to justice and exposed. I'm very pleased with the Court's judgment against Massimiliano Cerchi / Rounds Entertainment.

If anyone has additional information regarding Max Cerchi aka Massimiliano Cerchi feel free to contact me.   December 2017 Update: Special Thanks to several individuals for contacting me and contributing new information.

8/31/04 Filmmaker / Distributor Massimiliano Cerchi Sued Lawsuit update July 27, 2013 Copyright Infringement  - Court Judgment Awarded to Jeff Carney by the U.S. District

Court for the District Of Nevada.


Autopsy Of The Dead received the Home Entertainment Industry's highest honor with the nomination of Best Direct To Video Title Of The Year at the Reaper Awards. The nominations were announced in the #1 home video industry source for Entertainment news, Home Media Magazine (Sept 6-12 2009 issue). The nomination is extra special for me as I've always been a fan of filmmaker Roger Corman who was the celebrity judge ever since I saw his Poe films starring Vincent Price as a child.

Sponsors of the event are 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Anchor Bay Entertainment, FEARnet, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group, Entertainment One, Image Entertainment, Lionsgate, MTI Home Video, and Paramount Home Video.

The award ceremony will be held October 12, 2010 at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where the first Oscars were presented. Congratulations to the amazing Autopsy Cast and Crew for this wonderful honor. Also special thanks to the fans of Night Of The Living Dead for their overwhelming support of our documentary. We have heard from so many of you from all over the world. Autopsy Of The Dead was Produced and Directed by Jeff Carney. Produced by Jim Cirronella. Executive Produced by James N. Cirronella Sr.   For more information on the DVD documentary, please visit the Autopsy Of The Dead page on this website and the official website for the film:

Older Highlights below - Visit the Archived News Page for additional past announcements.

After Siege Of Evil, I will then start the final post production on The Shadow People Special Edition DVD. The Shadow People is about an investigation into an alien invasion of a midwestern community. It's a very large project that will take a little extra time. It will released on DVD in 2016.

9/01/14 Upcoming Film Releases

The Special Edition DVD for Siege Of Evil will be released in  2016. I'm working on final editing and will start the 5.1 surround sound mix soon. Siege Of Evil is a horror film about communication with the dead. And the horrible consequences of doing so for one family.

4/25/14 Field Of Dreams 25th Anniversary update on this site.


I was interviewed for the article "Three Blockbuster Films That Conquered Extreme Weather" on 

I have many fond memories of working on Field Of Dreams due to the wonderful people that were part of the cast and crew. While the movie is very special so was the production. I've also included some behind the scenes video I took on set in addition to new photos from my personal collection to celebrate the 25th Anniversary in 2014 on the Field Of Dreams page in the Films section of this website. Photo above was taken during a break in filming showing Kevin Costner, Producer Charles Gordon (Die Hard), and driver Doug Tonn doing their best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

archived news highlights

Trying to work available open time into the schedule for other projects yet to be announced. While the balancing act of scheduling can be a time consuming and seem like a slow process if you are not directly involved, I'm very excited about how it's moving along. All of the films have expanded greatly thanks to our supporters which means even more work and pre-planning has to be considered for each film including locations/casting/etc. Stay tuned to this page for further updates or if you are an actor please refer to my Casting page for more information on acting opportunities. I'm extremely busy at the moment and will update this News section less often since in addition to the above work I'm involved with script revisions with my projects and other filmmakers and writing of two scripts - Not to mention, I'm also in post production on two films for their upcoming special Edition DVD releases for "Siege Of Evil" and "The Shadow People."If you contact me, I will still try to respond usually within 48-72 hours.  Thanks for your interest and patience.

1/12/15 Future Films Production Schedule and Post Production on two films


I'm lining up the overall production schedule of the next films which will be shot. The first will be "The Ansbach Horror." They are being scheduled so there is time in between them for the lengthy post production process to assemble each of the films.

10/29/15 New Website and Quad Cities Film Production Updates / Casting Call


Finished a complete redesign of this website. All pages have been added to with new content (photos and video)

along with other surprises.

I still consider this new site to be Under Construction as it will take many more months to add all of the new photos and video clips to the site as they are being remastered. In the meantime you may find a few video place holders on the site without the video added yet. Also the first trailer from the Siege Of Evil Special Edition DVD is below!

Whether it's an early film or a current movie production, this newly designed and expanded website is filled with surprises to browse through including some of the films we made in the Quad Cities (Illinois / Iowa). New photos, behind the scenes footage, and clips have been added and I will continue to add content as time permits. Actors can find the latest audition announcements on my casting page.  This website, through the photos and videos, is also a way for me to thank many of those who gave me opportunities through the years to work on their films and to the many friends in front of and behind the camera on the films that I've produced/directed. There has been quite a few people, especially during the early years, whose assistance I've very much appreciated including my parents who have always been supportive. I've enjoyed hearing from so many of you.

We are in the middle of our biggest expansion ever. Updates have been few over the last year and it may have looked like nothing has been going on but the truth is that I've never been busier. With the new website, it should make it easier for me to update. In addition to building this site redesign which is simply the first phase -  next up are two DVD releases, and the start of production on the first of a series of new films. 

As a screenwriter I've been writing several screenplays, revising two others, and also had a script optioned.  As a filmmaker, I'm wrapping up editing on one film, about to start editing on another film, and in my spare time I'm doing further location scouting for The Ansbach Horror which is the next film that I will produce and direct.

Filming on The Ansbach Horror has been delayed after my mother had a unexpected surgery. I'm taking some time off to assist her with the recovery. Filming is now set for late summer / early fall 2016.  What this means is that there will be more opportunity for those interested in acting in the film. Please visit the casting page to discover how you could have a part or a starring role in the film. It also gives me additional time for script revisions and location scouting.   I will have local auditions for the horror film, The Ansbach Horror, in 2016. You can still submit online right now to be considered for a role in the film. I've received a tremendous response (thank you) and have a difficult decision ahead with selecting the right actors for the parts. I was thrilled to see so many talented people inquire to date. Actors and actresses from the Quad Cities (Illinois and Iowa region), if you haven't submitted your resume with head shot yet for consideration and you are 18 years or older, there still is time as filming will be in 2016. Please visit my Casting page by clicking the Learn More button below for more information on all the opportunities for acting in my films and to contact me.

Quad Cities Film casting call : I'm currently casting for the role of a network TV news anchor/reporter for a movie with the filming in the summer 2016. Please visit the casting page for more information if you would like to be considered for that role.

Enjoy the new website. Thanks for stopping by.

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