At the Hawk Jones premiere. From left - Tor Lowry, Richard Lowry, and Jeff Carney.

At the Hawk Jones premiere. Actors Tyler Vargas and Valiant DuHart admire their acting awards. 

A Slideshow of behind the scenes screen shots from several hours of footage I shot during the making of Hawk Jones. 

Final preparations before filming begins.

Filming the airport scene from The Hawk Jones.

At the Hawk Jones premiere. The actors with their awards. Back row left to right - Tor Lowry, Rik aka Richard Lowry, Jeff Carney, Pamela St. Charles. Front row left to right - Casey DePaepe, Tyler Vargas, Valiant DuHart. 

The Hawk Jones crew at the auditions for casting of the film.

Some of the behind the scenes footage for Hawk Jones from my personal collection. My friend Tim Edmonds shot most of this footage when I'm on camera and then I shot the rest. There was several hours of footage to go through so enjoy the highlights above. Also be sure to scroll down this page to see a behind the scenes segment on the casting of Hawk Jones.

One of the original advertising flyers for Hawk Jones advertising the upcoming premiere.

Before seeing the film, most people don't realize that there are no adults in this movie. All the roles are played by children who were cast locally. There is a saying in Hollywood to never work with kids or animals but the kids were great to work with as were their parents. By the time, "Hawk Jones" was finished, we were all experts in working with child actors on a film. I enjoyed working with all the kids (nearly 100).

Hawk Jones Original Trailer.

I had just graduated from high school and finished working with Rik on the film "Noises," which was shot on VHS and edited on 3/4" video tape - for "Hawk Jones" we had a budget of $75,000 and would shoot and edit on 3/4" video tape. This was 1986 so making a film on 3/4" video tape wasn't very common.  We didn't non linear editing - it was all linear which meant a editing bay with video tape machines to do simple dissolves and ultimately we wouldn't have a digital master (didn't exist then) - we would create a distribution master on a One Inch Video reel.

Produced and Directed by Richard Lowry. Screenplay by Richard Lowry and Tor Lowry. Associate Producer/Associate Director Jeff Carney. The film stars Valiant DuHart, Charmella Roark, Tyler Vargas, and Casey Depaepe.

"Hawk Jones" is a film comprised entirely of children -  a cops and robbers spoof where the kids play all of the adult roles.

After making the film "Noises," Richard (Rik) Lowry asked me to join him and his brother Tor in making the film "Hawk Jones." Rather than another a horror movie, this would be a cops and robbers comedy where the entire cast would be made up of children. Nearly 100 kids would be playing all the adult roles in this spoof on detective films. It was also the first feature film to be made in the Quad Cities (Rock Island Illinois / Moline Illinois and Davenport Iowa / Bettendorf Iowa).

Scroll down the page to see behind the scenes Video footage while we were making the film and Behind The Scenes photos.

Hawk Jones

Behind the scenes of casting for Hawk Jones. 

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Above are photos that I took at the Quad Cities Premiere of Hawk Jones. Click on a photo to enlarge it.