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I often will cast at least two films from each audition. Even if you don't get a call back to be in the film that I am currently casting, I will consider your audition again when I start the process on the next film.  Due to a lot of interest, I now can accept casting submissions immediately online. Use the contact form below to inquire for more information on how to submit via email so you can be put on file to be considered for future acting opportunities.

Your interest in participating in my future films is very appreciated. It's great to see so many talented people interested.  I look forward to filming with many of you on set in the near future!

Once you are at the audition, you will be asked to study script pages for a few minutes and then you'll be placed on camera so we can hear you with the script dialogue. The audition will be video taped for review later. Then you will be thanked and you can leave. It's a very quick process and painless. Not like American Idol at all which is what people fear.  The best advice, whenever you audition for a film, is to be natural on camera. I can't stress enough how important that is. You don't want to sound like you are reading a script and you don't want to sound like you are projecting your voice to the back of an auditorium which happens sometimes with experienced stage actors. When you are on camera, the audience is right there and not sitting far from you like when you are performing on stage. There's no need to exaggerate your performance. Being and sounding natural on camera is very important when acting for film. I usually select the actors within 2 weeks of having final auditions.

The Casting Process

Typically 5-9 weeks before filming begins, I'll announce our casting location along with the date/time in the Quad Cities (Rock Island and Moline Illinois, Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa) to audition in person.Anyone 18 years and older can audition as I will look for all types for different characters during casting. You should bring a head shot (examples below are of from left Kimberly Kurtenbach Furness and Renee Dunakey - whom I've cast in roles) and resume with any acting experience which you may have and your contact information. These materials are non returnable. Head shots can be professionally taken or be as simple as a photo taken at home.

This is where you will find the latest casting information for Jeff Carney Films aka Astro-Field Productions Film and Video Agency. Quad Cities Casting audition notices are below and further information on the casting process can be read if you scroll down the page. There is also a contact form at the bottom of this page.

Quad Cities casting is completed for Siege Of Evil. The cast includes Desiree Muse, Scott Naumann, Amelia Foster, Jerry Wollking, Patti Flaherty, Jim Seward, Barbara Engstrom, Denise Yoder, and Jenaya Carman. (Update: Congratulations to Jenaya Carman who won Best Scream Queen at the Horror Dance Film Festival for her role in the film)

Casting Completed For Siege Of Evil

Currently casting for the part of a network news anchor / TV reporter role. Filming will take place during the summer of 2016 in the Quad Cities. Male or Female 18 years or older and you should be in the Quad Cities or within driving distance of the Quad Cities (Davenport Iowa / Bettendorf Iowa , Rock Island Illinois / Moline Illinois). Role requires the look and voice quality of a network TV news anchor / reporter.  Professional distinctive voice a plus. You can submit your head shot with acting resume online. Please inquire via the contact page below for more information on how to submit via email so you be put on file to be considered for this role.

Casting CLOSED - News anchor/TV reporter role

Quad Cities / Davenport Iowa film casting for The Ansbach Horror will be in late summer 2016. We will have local video taped auditions. However you can submit your head shot with acting resume online now. Please inquire via the contact page below for more information on to submit via email so you can be put on file to be considered for future acting opportunities.

Casting CLOSED  for The Ansbach Horror

Shooting for Autopsy Of The Dead will be in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. The entire cast is from PA/Ohio. Quad Cities actress Kimberly Kurtenbach Furness has been cast in a role. (Update: Congratulations to the cast and crew of Autopsy Of The Dead for being nominated for the Home Video industry's highest honor - Best Direct To Video Title Of The Year - celebrity judge legendary filmmaker Roger Corman.)

Casting Completed For Autopsy Of The Dead

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