Outtakes  from "Burning Desire." Quality reduced - from a older work tape.

Clip from "Burning Desire The Dark Side Of Passion."

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Filming a confrontation between sisters. 

Filming actress Janelle Vanerstrom and Jennifer Vanerstrom (back to camera). 

Director / Cinematographer Jeff Carney setting up the shot. From left: actress Jennifer Vanerstrom and Raquel Horton with camera slate during the making of Burning Desire. 

Director Jeff Carney and Raquel Horton with camera slate during the making of Burning Desire. 

On location during filming of Burning Desire - from left: Jennifer Vanerstrom, Rebecca Callaway, Janelle Vanerstrom, and Jeff Carney.

Screenshots and outtake photos from a early work tape -  quality reduced. 

"Burning Desire The Dark Side Of Passion" is a film about betrayal between sisters over a boyfriend that leads to a shocking confrontation that is witnessed by a stranger. It is a story of the dark side of passion, tragedy and blackmail. It is a film festival award winner for Best Actress, Best Film, Best Director, and Best Cinematography.

Produced, Directed, and Written by Jeff Carney. Starring Jennifer Vanerstrom, Janelle Vanerstrom, Rebecca Callaway. Cinematography and Editing by Jeff Carney. Camera Assistant Raquel Horton.  Film Development Coordinator Jeff Carney

BURNING DESIRE: The Dark side of passion