In 2016, Jeff Carney was asked to have a small role in the Outatime: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine documentary which is about restoring the famous picture car from Back To The Future. You can see Jeff in the documentary and extra features.  He also was asked to be a part of '85: The Untold Story of the Greatest Team in Pro Football History which profiles the Chicago Bears and their Super Bowl XX win. One of the Executive Producers is Otis Wilson, the LB from the Super Bowl winning Bears.  Jeff shot the training camp footage in the film. 

He is currently working on several other film projects including Special Editions versions of The Shadow People and Siege Of Evil which are both in post production for their upcoming DVD releases. Jeff also signed on to write, produce and direct several films - the first of which will be  "The Ansbach Horror."  Most recently he had a Sci-fi screenplay optioned.

An early credit includes work as the associate producer/assistant director on the family movie "Hawk Jones" where only children starred and portrayed themselves as adults in roles in what became known as the "cops and robbers movie with the kids in it!" The film had nearly 100 child actors in the cast and it was the first feature length film to be shot entirely in the Quad Cities (Rock Island and Moline Illinois, Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa). Carney went on to work post production on the documentary The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:A Family Portrait" followed by his role as the cinematographer/worked post production on the independent horror comedy Beauty Queen Butcher film. Jeff Carney has been involved with over 21 films and counting including "Field Of Dreams" which starred Kevin Costner, Burt Lancaster, and James Earl Jones. He also worked with the agents of two Academy Award nominated actors in getting them signed on to the independent film "Mommy" which he was the original Director on. Carney has also worked for the Italian production company Duea Films (operated by legendary Director/Producer Pupi Avati and Producer Antonio Avati) on five films including Bix: An Interpretation Of A Legend (1920's Bio Pic on the jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke) which was in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival and with actress Brooke Shields on the Avati produced television mini series "An American Love." At Duea Films he had the opportunity to work in the sound department under two of the best sound men in the film industry - Chat Gunter and Raffaele Deluca. Chat has over 30 years of sound experience including being sound mixer for Martin Scorsese and he's currently a professor at the prestigious NYU Film School. Raffaele has been in production sound for over 40 years and even won the Donatello Award (Italy's National Award) for Best Sound twice for "Ultimo Minuto" in 1988 and for "Regalo Di Natale" in 1987. Horror fans would probably be interested in knowing that Raffaele also worked on two Lamberto Bava / Dario Argento films: Demons and Demons 2. On the 6th Duea Film offered to him, unfortunately Carney had to turn down the generous promotion to Sound Mixer as he was already working on another film which he was producing/directing at the time. 

In the early days, the star of his productions was a friend, Chris Young, who went on to star in the movies "The Great Outdoors," "The Book Of Love," "Warlock 2 The Armageddon," and as Bryce the teenage genius/inventor of the title character in the television series "Max Headroom." Along with John Poffenbarger and Greg Padakis, the four friends formed their own neighborhood filmmaking group made up of any local kids they could kidnap for a few hours to be in their films. That early experience would prove to be great benefit as his career would begin.

Jeff Carney is an award winning filmmaker who began making films at the age of 10 in his backyard with his parents' Super 8 camera and a old reel to reel (black and white) video camera. As a Feature Film Development Coordinator, film producer and director, he has worked on and made feature films, including in the Quad Cities, which have been distributed around the world. It's not a hobby or a side job but a profession he enjoys and works at each and every day turning creative visions into reality during his management of Astro-Field Productions Film and Video Agency.

Jeff Carney Films bIOGRAPHY Resume - FILMMAKER  jEFF cARNEY 

Recently Jeff Carney produced and directed the award winning "Autopsy Of The Dead" film in Pittsburgh, PA which was released on DVD. Jim Cirronella also produced the film which is a historical documentary on the George Romero film, "Night Of The Living Dead" (1968) which is a masterpiece of horror that some have called "The best horror movie ever made" and "One of the most gruesomely terrifying movies ever made."  "Autopsy Of The Dead" has received many accolades including:

- Won the Best Documentary Of The Year Award at the Dead Letter Awards sponsored by Mail Order Zombie.

- Online fans voted "Autopsy Of The Dead" as a nominee for the Best Independent Film Of The Year at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards

- "Autopsy Of The Dead" also received the Home Video Industry's highest honor - Direct To Video Title Of The Year nomination at the 2010 Reaper Awards (Celebrity Judge Legendary Filmmaker Roger Corman) presented by Home Media Magazine (the leading home video industry source for entertainment news) and

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From Junior High through College, Carney made over 200 short films with several (including "Too Much Of An Inconvenience," "The Foreclosure" a 1950's period film, "Won't Anyone Look At My Film")  being nominated and winning awards for Best Director, Editing, Cinematography, Best Film, Audience Choice and Best of Festival awards. While still in high school he worked on three music videos for local musicians - producing and directing two of the videos. Upon attending college, he was elected President of his school's fraternity, Phi Theta Kappa (Etta Kappa Chapter) and graduated from Black Hawk College (WQPT PBS TV station) in Moline, Illinois where he earned an Associate Of Arts Degree in Mass Communications (TV Production) and from St. Ambrose University (SAU TV-11 Station) in Davenport, Iowa where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications (TV Production).  Since neither college had film courses, Carney took summer film courses in 1987 at USC (the University Of Southern California Cinema Department) in Los Angeles, Ca where he participated in filmmaking classes (required directing 2 films at USC) and their Studio Business Workshop which spent several days a week at Universal Studios and time also spent at other studios including Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Brothers. During this time he had the opportunity of meeting filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Randall Kleiser, and Michael Mann among others in addition to be exposed to the various departments that are operated within a Hollywood studio system.

While attending Alleman High School, he spent four years at WQAD-TV (ABC affiliate in Moline, Illinois) in their Junior Achievement program where they had high school students sell commercials and produce fifteen of their own weekly half hour variety television shows.  During his senior year, Jeff Carney was elected President of the JA company (Quad-Comm) at WQAD and his team won Best Production Methods/Company of the year at the Quad Cities JA Awards including a personal award of a National JA Delegate status along with a college scholarship. He also received a personal sales award for the number of TV commercials sold to local businesses and motivated the company to surpass their sales goal. The company returned a liquidating dividend at the end of the year to it's stockholders equaling a 200% Return On Investment.  Making it one of the most profitable years for a Junior Achievement company in the Quad Cities up to that point while producing the TV show "On The Air."

His wide range of production experience spans independent films to studio released films (over 24 and counting). He follows each of his movies from the earliest concept in development through production and into post production as well as distribution all in house. His roles include feature film development coordinator, producer, director, writer, cinematographer, film editor, production supervisor, animator, music composer, production sound, and 5.1 surround sound design. As a producer, he even negotiated the contracts of and signed two Academy Award nominated actors to a independent film. As a screenwriter, he has several screenplays produced and optioned.

Jeff Carney's USC student film, "Won't Anyone Look At My Film" was screened at several film festivals post USC where it won Best Film, Best Director, Audience Favorite, and even Most Inspiring among the film festival awards. The humorous film is about the journey of a persistent student filmmaker, who doesn't take no for an answer, attempting to get his film seen in Hollywood. You can view the film on the USC School Of Cinematic Arts page of this website

One of the opportunities that the USC cinema program offered was meeting film industry guests on a regular basis either at USC or usually at one of the various Hollywood Studios. We would have meetings in a variety of locations, classrooms, theaters, within filmmaker's production company or studio, or even during a post production sound mix. While I was at USC, here is a list of just a few of the talented people which I had the opportunity to meet and experience unique production opportunities with.

Steven Spielberg - at Amblin Entertainment (Back lot of Universal Studios) during post on Empire Of The Sun
Robert Zemeckis - at Amblin Entertainment (Back lot of Universal Studios) Director of the Back To The Future trilogy
Bob Gale - Writer / Producer of the Back To The Future trilogy
Frank Marshall -
 at Amblin Entertainment (Back lot of Universal Studios) Producer of the Indiana Jones / Back To The Future trilogy
Randal Kleiser Director of Grease and Producer of North Shore / during post sound mix of the film North Shore at Glen Glenn Sound Studios.
Michael Mann - Executive Producer of Miami Vice
Tony Denison - Crime Story
Peggy Robertson - Assistant to Alfred Hitchcock
Paul Verhoeven - Director of Robocop / had early screening of Robocop at USC
Luis Valdez - Director Of La Bama /had early screening of La Bamba at USC
Sheldon Kahn - Academy Award winning editor (Ghostbusters / One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest / Out Of Africa)
Universal Studios - Stage 43 blocking and rehearsal "Out Of This World" (Burt Reynolds / Doug McClure / Donna Pescow from Saturday Night Fever.
Ralph Sariego - V.P. Television Production Universal City Studios
Howard Kazanjian - Executive Producer Raiders Of The Lost Ark / Producer Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Jedi
Universal Studios - Dubbing Room 1 dialogue replacement for the TV version of the John Hughes film "The Breakfast Club"
Henry Erlich - Marketing Consultant at Paramount Pictures
Post Production Sound Seminar - with Peter Berkos (Sound FX editor and Oscar winner for The Hiddenburg", Jim O'Brien (looping), and Arnold Schwarzwald (music editor)
Set Time on "Private Eye" - John Brolin and Don Calfa (Return Of The Living Dead)

Showscan - with Don Pittman
Paramount Pictures -Taping of "Marblehead Manor" with Linda Thorson (Avengers), Michael Richards
Paramount Pictures - On the set of Star Trek The Next Generation
Burbank Studios (Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures) -
Back lot and department visits.
Jon Parre 1st Assistant Director and Gary Brown A.D. - 
Jon Parre (Producer Charmed / Sons Of Anarchy / A.D. on The A-Team  and The Dukes of Hazzard). Gary Brown (Co-Executive Producer Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, Producer Prison Break TV series, A.D. on Tales From The Crypt, 2nd A.D. on Miami Vice)
Max Lamb - Writer / former story editor for Robert Wise Productions
Universal Studios Wardrobe Department -with Al Leeman (President of the Costumer's Guild)

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In his career, Jeff Carney has produced and directed over 200 short films. He has produced and directed nine feature films and counting including "Sinister Tales" and "The Shadow People." "Sinister Tales" won Best Director/Best Film at the Horror Film Festival and "The Shadow People" won an Award for "Showcasing outstanding talent" at the Film Festival in New York. "The Shadow People" received four offers of distribution from Distributors. It is being released exclusively through Jeff Carney Films in 2016. Another producing/directing credit is "Siege Of Evil" a horror film about communication with the dead which was distributed through Mill Creek Entertainment and Pendulum Pictures. "Siege Of Evil" received six offers of distributions.  In 2017, an exclusive Special Edition DVD for Siege Of Evil is being released exclusively though Jeff Carney Films.  "Siege Of Evil" won Best Scream Queen at the Horror Dance International Film Festival.

From left: Director Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile), Jeff Carney, and Director Chuck Russell (The Mask, Eraser, A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3 Dream Warriors).

Jeff Carney receiving an award.

Filming during the early Super 8 days (1980) - from left: Jeff Carney, Chris Young, and John Poffenbarger

3 monitor (each 27") 4.5 GHZ i7 HD  editing with 5.1 THX surround mixing, and Lightwave 2015 animation software

You can learn more by also visiting his USC Cinema page and Film Services page on this website for more detailed information. His film credits are also on the IMDB.COM which you can click on this             which will take you directly to his page.

The most complete and up to date credit listings are on the Films page of this website.