Whenever the beauty queen actresses were not on screen during the three day continuous filming of the pageant scenes, they caught quick naps when they could on the gym floor as we shot other footage that didn't involve them.  Dedicated actresses who knew enough to get some rest when they could as they would have to look wide awake as soon as the camera started to roll. 

I shot a little bit of this between filming but I also had a couple of  friends (Greg Padakis and Tim Edmond), stop by and shoot some Behind The Scenes video for my personal collection during the making of the film, Beauty Queen Butcher. You can view it above as it's a nice inside look at the process of making a low budget independent film. 

One of the more memorable shoots was filming the pageant scenes at a local school. We had to shoot all of the pageant scenes in 3 days (Actually 1 night and 2 full days) - starting Friday night, we shot all the way through until sometime in the early hours of Monday morning. I think we had two minor breaks. It definitely was the longest continuous filming that I had ever done. We didn't have a choice due the schedule and the fact there were so many pageant scenes that were needed in the film. We focused on filming the back stage and on stage scenes Friday Night, Saturday, and Saturday night. And then the crowd came in for scenes on Sunday which is when we did the shots from the stage looking out into the crowd and reverse angles from the crowd to the stage.

Cinematographer Jeff Carney and Kimberly Kurtenbach - taken at the Beauty Queen Butcher Premiere. 

I enjoyed working with the director Jill Rae Zurborg. Beauty Queen Butcher was a very fast shoot over just a few weeks on a limited budget. The cast were a lot of fun to work with and I had a great camera assistant in Jamie Donovan. I would work with many of these people in other films that I produced and directed as well: Jill Rae Zurborg (A Compulsion To Murder, The Creeper, and Too Much Of An Inconvenience), Kimberly Kurtenbach (Thirst For Blood and Autopsy Of The Dead, she would have been in The Shadow People but had a previous job in Los Angeles but thanks to her recommendation I auditioned and immediately cast her extremely talented sister Ashley in the lead role), and Laura Schutter/Matthew Speak/(Thirst For Blood), and Tammy Pescatelli (Thirst For Blood, The Shadow People).

Cinematographer Jeff Carney receiving assistance from a few of the actresses (on left of camera) Tammy Pesctelli and Kathy Mensik in back. (While on right of camera) Kimberly Kurtenbach and Laura Schutter in back during filming of Beauty Queen Butcher.

Now you will learn why I respect and admire Director Pupi Avati and his brother, Antonio Avati, who produces the movies for Duea Films. Now only do they do great work but they are also great people. Antonio offered me the job anyway, knowing that I would have to leave at 5pm on days where Brothers And Sisters would go long or have evening shoots. As editing on Beauty Queen Butcher would start around 5:30--6:00 pm and last into the night. He valued me as part of the crew as did Chat Gunter in the sound department who also agreed to it. Not only was I surprised with their generous offer as I don't know many filmmakers who would do that  but I was very touched by their kindness. One of the many reasons I always enjoy and welcome the opportunity to work with them.  I accepted Antonio Avati's offer and would work on Brothers and Sisters during the day and then head into post production on Beauty Queen Butcher each evening. Now I knew how Michael J. Fox felt doing Family Ties during part of the day and filming Back To The Future during the other half. 

I had already signed up to be the Director Of Photography and involved in the editing of this film when I received an offer to come to work with Duea Film once again (it would be my 3rd film with the Italian Filmmakers) on the movie "Brothers and Sisters" starring Franco Nero. I sadly declined as I knew by the time Brothers and Sisters started to film, I would be in post production on Beauty Queen Butcher every evening. So the timing just wouldn't work out.

Produced and Directed by Jill Rae Zurborg. Produced by Shane Partlow. Director Of Photography Jeff Carney. Camera Assistant Jamie Donovan. Starring Rhona Brody, Kathy Mensik, Kimberly Kurtenbach, Tammy Pescatelli, Laura Schutter, Jim Boggess,  Steve Kollin, and Matthew Speak.


Fan review of Beauty Queen Butcher - Fans are great to take the time to do this.

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A gallery of photos  that I took while filming Beauty Queen Butcher and at the premiere screening. Click on a photo to enlarge the image.

Cast and Crew photo for Beauty Queen Butcher.  I'm in the middle of the back row wearing a white ball cap. 

Cinematographer Jeff Carney with Camera Assistant (on the right) Jamie Donovan.