-"One of the best things about "Autopsy" to me is the filming locations segment "Then and Now" where we get to look at the actual filming locations from Night Of The Living Dead in Evans City and what they look like now 40 years later. Great stuff!"

-"Fascinating documentary. Each story from the cast/crew was fascinating and I literally couldn't wait to hear what the next person would say."

-"It was a great documentary. I enjoyed hearing the stories of the "unsung heroes" that usually don't get interviewed.

-"Autopsy Of The Dead is filled with insights about the making of Night Of The Living Dead that you just won't get anywhere else. Jeff Carney and Jim Cirronella did a great job putting this production together. There are tons of little known but vitally interesting tidbits and a variety of other assorted facts and information from so many different perspectives from many people involved in various facets of the making of this film as to dazzle your senses."

-"I finally got a chance to see Autopsy Of The Dead and loved every minute of it. The amount of comradeship shown was amazing. This informative and fun documentary compliments all of my previous double/triple dips of Night Of The Living Dead and I have to congratulate the makers."

-"Autopsy Of The Dead is a must have for any NOTLD fan or fan of horror in general."

-"Absolutely loved the DVD. Mind Blowing."

-"This is the type of documentary I wished Dawn of The Dead would get and The Walking Dead would have. Please guys, do those."


-"Thanks for the hard work you guys put into this. You did an amazing job."

-"Autopsy Of The Dead was full of all sorts of interesting facts, interviews with extras and various ghouls. Awesome comparison shots of the filming locations then and now and features I had not seen before. It was very cool to see the various ghouls and crew members describe their experiences with the making of the film. Many of the people I'd never seen prior to watching Autopsy, so now I've got a new appreciation for the various unnamed ghouls. The stand alone documentary alone is well worth the price of the DVD and all the bonus features are just icing on the cake."

-"It's a labor of love which is so evident throughout the whole DVD. Essentially it is a two plus hour collection of interviews with not only the main players and cast but also the lesser knowns. Some who have the most interesting stories to tell. Rare photographs with rare behind the scenes snippets, trailers, and music cues - a majority of which have not been included in other titles. Extras are great and include location comparisons (then and now) are interesting, profile on Rick Catizone of the Animators, radio spots/the radio spot menu had me oragasming, a dedication feature, etc. Really top notch. It is well researched, well made, must have for any Night Fan. Your collection is incomplete without out."

-"Highly recommended for anyone interested in the original Romero Dead classic."

-"Wow this is really good. Great documentary. Being a huge fan of the film it was cool to hear from some of the people that you never heard from before."

-"Great movie. You can tell that even after 40 years, their memories are still fresh and alive. Congrats to everyone involved in the DVD."

-" I wanted to tell you both what a great job you did on the DVD. I really thought it was fantastic."

-"This is a must own for those that love the original trilogy. As deep as the Ultimate Edition of Dawn is, I wish it was as in depth as this. Great interviews with people that you would never think of. Worth every penny. I wish these guys would do Dawn next."

-"It was the most enjoyable and best made documentary on the film I have ever seen in my life."

-"For anyone who calls themselves a fan of the movie, the DVD is a must own."

-"Autopsy Of The Dead is the documentary that Night Of The Living Dead has always deserved."

-"At nearly 2 1/2 hours, I was never bored. Great interviews. Great content. Great editing. Makes you feel like you are sitting down with the dead alumni and hearing their stories for the first time."

-"Amazing. I wish you guys would also do a documentary on The Walking Dead."

-"The best documentary on Night Of The Living Dead. Period."

-"Fantastic Job. Loved this documentary!"

-"One deep, dense, and detailed documentary."

-"Rather than the same interviews with Romero and company, new fresh faces with fresh stories about Night Of The Living Dead. Autopsy Of The Dead is for the true Night Of The Living Dead fan. Simply amazing."

-"Excellent documentary. This is far better than the other docs on the film. It's lengthy (yet fast paced) and contains interviews and reflections from cast and crew that haven't been interviewed to death before."

-"This is a real treasure to have."

-"Had a blast watching Autopsy Of The Dead. Very Entertaining."

-"The documentary seriously delivers. Top fu**ing notch!"

And the Fan reaction with their Autopsy Of The Dead DVD Reviews:

The reviews and fan reaction to Autopsy Of The Dead have been amazing. Sincere thanks has to go the cast and crew members from Night Of The Living Dead who shared their stories and their time with us for you - the fans. We made many new wonderful friends. It's great to see so many of you enjoying Autopsy Of The Dead as much as we enjoyed making it.  Jim Cirronella and myself, appreciate all the support of the Night Of The Living Dead fans and all of your comments as Zero Day Releasing has shipped Autopsy DVDs not only in the U.S. but to Canada, UK, Austria, and Australia. I do my best in answering all the emails and post all of the feedback (which we really do appreciate) and here is a handful of those Autopsy Of The Dead DVD Reviews for you to enjoy. And if you don't own the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD yet, please visit theAutopsy Of The Dead store by clicking on the banner at the bottom of this page.

A few of the DVD reviews for Autopsy Of The Dead from special friends.

"Jeff Carney and Jim Cirronella did a helluva job on that documentary." - Kyra Schon (Karen Cooper from Night Of The Living Dead).

"An Excellent production. I learned a lot of things that I even didn't know. Congratulations!"- Charles Craig (TV news anchor/zombie/posse member from Night Of The Living Dead)

"I watched it all. Everything in one sitting. It was a real kick in the ass for me. I totally enjoyed it. Seeing the old gang. A little like going back to my 40th class reunion. I think it will become a must for real Night fans. Thanks to you and Jim for making it." - Gary Streiner (Night Of The Living Dead crew member / Organizer of The Living Dead Festival in Evans City, PA).

"Not only is it a wonderful job, but I must say it was a great deal of fun for me personally. And thanks again for including me in the project. It's always nice to be part of something special and well made." - Rick Catizone (Animator End Credit Sequence from Night Of The Living Dead, Evil Dead 2, Creepshow, and Creepshow 2)

"I enjoyed Autopsy Of The Dead. It was interesting hearing the varying points of view from all those who participated in the film. And, it never fails to amaze me how many independent filmmakers like yourself have taken this film to heart - and do understand and appreciate the film created a community within a community. The Sound and picture are very well done. - Rudy Ricci (Night Of The Living Dead, George Romero's There's Always Vanilla, Return Of The Living Dead, and Dawn Of The Dead).

From the Profondo Cinema Pod Cast- "If you consider yourself a Night Of The Living Dead fanatic of the highest order then I would definitely recommend that you go and pick up 2009's Autopsy Of The Dead. It covers the ground that the other documentaries didn't.It's a solid piece of movie making and I highly recommend it.

Jason Nagy from Zombies and Toys - "It features interviews and stories from the cast and crew that are not typically approached or thought of when one mentions Night Of The Living Dead. Rarely are we given some different perspectives. Imagine if your grandfather was involved in some way with Night Of The Living Dead and you have an afternoon to spendtogether alone. That is Autopsy Of The Dead. It is simply a fun film and a good time. This great film should be viewed by any fan of Romero's Night Of The Living Dead.

From The Midnight Pod Cast - "A fantastic DVD. It's definitely worth the price. A lot of fun. It's actually interviews a lot of people who have never been interviewed about NOTLD. They have some great stories. They have great things to say about the movie. There are a lot of great things on here. Like the Midnight Pod Cast TV Episode One - I went to the locations but they do it a hell of a lot better than I did. It's just really, really very cool."

From John Scoleri of Slaughtered Lamb Cinema - "Huge Kudos to Carney and Cirronella for leaving no stone unturned when it came to digging up so many of the normal folks who found themselves a part of this film phenomenon shot more than 40 years ago. It's a very nicely produced documentary. Obviously a labor of love for the team behind it and deserving of our support for going to such great lengths to capture these original stories.

From Tim Ferrante (Fangoria magazine) who wrote in his review from VideoScope Magazine Spring 2010- "Remarkably, these overdue interviews carry a warm emotional vibe. By casting the light of recognition on unknown and forgotten contributors, it's clear that they're as excited in sharing their experiences as we are in hearing them....Original filming locations are documented with entertaining dissolves between then and now, while unseen color photos of ghoul makeup sessions are previous viewing, as is the bevy of special features that beautifully augment the main program. Autopsy ably extracts lingering Night lore from many untapped sources. It has, however, accomplished appreciably more. It has bestowed the horror classic with a sense of heart, adding to a film that will forever scare the very breath out of it's captivated audience. 3 1/2 out of 4 Excellent Rating."

Nominated for the Home Video Industry's Highest Honor, Best Direct To Video Title Of The Year at the 2010 Reaper Awards (sponsored by Home Media Magazine and DreadCentral.com - Celebrity Judge Filmmaker Roger Corman.

Fan nominated for Best Independent Film Of The Year (2009) at the Eighth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.

Winner Best Documentary Of The Year at The Dead Letter Awards sponsored by Mail Order Zombie.


"The documentary was very well done. You can definitely tell a lot of "heart and soul" went into this project. Even though some of the original cast and crew of the original Night Of The Living Dead are no longer with us today, it's good to see most of those that are available featured in this video in some way. While the cast and crew are just one small part of the documentary, the comparison between "Then and Now" is extraordinary and gives you a true sense of what was involved in making NOTLD then vs today and the difference 40 years makes. A smaller budget production done in a very professional way. The beginning of the entire zombie culture defined in one DVD. A "must own" for any fan of The Walking Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, World War Z, or the zombie genre in general."

Below are some previews of footage from the actual DVD of Autopsy Of The Dead. 

-"I'm rather a tough critic when it comes to remakes, and documentaries. Night Of The Living Dead (1968) has been my favorite scary movie. I've always been curious was made, ever since I saw it for the first time when I was 7, and I've been a fan ever since. I wasn't sure what to expect when I watched it, but was really happy after I finished watching everything, including the special features. The information, and editing was very good, the behind the scenes pictures as well as the color pictures are a real treat.....I think it's a documentary that every fan of NOTLD should see :-) "

-"This film a must for any fan of NOTLD! A must for any fan of George A. Romero!The average fan only knows about Romero, Russo, and the leading cast but this documentary shows you such names as Ella Mae Smith, Joseph Unitas, Regis Survinski, Charles Craig, and Lee Hartman. The film shows you what really happened on the set and how NOTLD changed the lives of everyone that was involved from the big names like Hinzman to less known names like Dave James and Herbert Summer. The film is loaded with extensive interviews, never-before-seen color photos, AWESOME behind-the-scenes footage. They even visit the original filming locations. It is one of the most-in-depth documentary's I have ever watched in my life!! Jeff Carney and crew really knocked one out of the park! I'm hoping they can make another one about Night or maybe they can tackle another classic like Dawn Of The Dead or Martin."

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With the success of the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD,  the coroner has excised 36 deleted scenes (Exclusive interview Clips) from Autopsy and added them to this page for hardcore George Romero and Night Of The Living Dead fans! These clips are NOT INCLUDED on the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD. Watch the deleted footage below! And scroll down even further to see some exclusive previews from the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD.

Between the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD and the nearly 2 hrs of free online interviews - fans will have nearly 5 1/2  hours to view on their favorite horror film, Night Of The Living Dead. The legend lives on with this fresh and fascinating look at the cast/crew of the George Romero classic!

This is mainly comprised of interview footage, edited together in shorter segments, that wasn't used in Autopsy and is about the lives of the cast and crew members we interviewed (their lives before and after NOTLD) or a few production stories that we didn't have room for in the main documentary.  We thought fans would enjoy seeing this footage and we decided to share the clips online for free rather than storing them away in the vaults. It allows the fans to find out even more about the talent behind the film.

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