The Behind The Scenes video  was taken by St. Ambrose University TV-11 while we were making "An American Love. The  footage appears on my website with permission of and Courtesy of TV-11 St. Ambrose University.  Special Thanks to Duke Schneider.  Editing by Jeff Carney​

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The real glamour of filmmaking - spending a cold day filming on a pig farm. 

On right in white shirt, Sound Mixer Chat Gunter. Boom Operator Jeff Carney (in black shirt) during production of the film An American Love in the Quad Cities (Davenport Iowa).

Sound Mixer Chat Gunter preparing to record the dialogue. On the left is Boom Operator Raffaele De Luca.

At the end of a lunch break, during filming of An American Love in the Quad Cities, with some great friends  - from left, Steve Moes, Chat Gunter, and Raffaele De Luca. 

Far right with camera is Steve Moes who is taking some production stills during filming of An American Love.  I first met Steve on Field Of Dreams and we have ended up working on 7 films together.

A memento from the production - signed Brooke Shields Photo. 

With Sound Mixer Chat Gunter during filming of the Basketball game scene - On location for the film, An American Love, which was made in Davenport Iowa (Quad Cities).

Another behind the scenes shot of the highway overpass filming with Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane.

Filming Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane on a highway overpass for "An American Love." On the far left in the tan jacket is Producer Antonio Avati.  I'm wearing the blue cap with a black t-shirt.

A  segment  from Italian Television on the making of An American Love - complete with a clip from the film.

On location for An American Love - Jeff Carney with Brooke Shields.

The camera car getting ready to leave towing the picture car with Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane on board. Most driving shots are done this way, with the car involving the actors being towed rather than actually driven. This allows the actors to concentrate on their dialogue/scene and not on the traffic.

Just because the actors have completed their scene doesn't mean our job is over. The Duea Film Sound Department gets ready to leave in the picture car. During the drive we will record the sounds of the car to be mixed into the film later. Behind the wheel is Chat Gunter, Chat's dog, passenger seat Jeff Carney, and in the back seat Raffaele De Luca.

Script Supervisor Mariantonia Avati during filming of "An American Love."

Between takes, posing with one of the St. Ambrose students. From left, Jeff Carney, Lucy Pawloski, and Raffaelle De Luca. 

Rigging of the car for filming. Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane patiently wait in the car as the final safety checks are completed on the trailer which will be hauling the car for filming.

Cinematographer Cesare Bastelli prior to filming a scene on the St. Ambrose University Campus in Davenport Iowa.

 Director Piero Schivazappa arranging the scene for filming.

A dusk shot - Director Piero Schivazappa (left) directing Brooke Shields

during the making of An American Love - a film made in Iowa. 

On the far right in white shirt is Boom Operator Jeff Carney while filming a scene with Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane in the Quad Cities (Davenport Iowa).

Filming a scene with Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane on location in Davenport, Iowa.

Between takes while filming An American Love with Brooke Shields and a smiling corpse.

Below is a gallery of photos that I took on set during the making of An American Love and some of the photos were taken by Chat Gunter then given to me as a gift at the end of filming (Thanks again Chat!).  Please click on any photo to enlarge the image.

Filming a scene from An American Love on the Mississippi River. From left: in white t-shirt Boom Operator Jeff Carney, in the middle of the photo is Boom Operator Raffaele Deluca, Brooke Shields under the Umbrella, and Mariantonia Avati looking over her continuity script. 

This was the second of five films that I worked on for Duea Film. It was unusual in that it was a two part television movie so the production seemed as if you filmed two movies back to back.  It gave me my first chance to reunite with what was pretty much the same crew that was used on the film Bix: An Interpretation Of A Legend.  I worked again with Chat Gunter (Sound Mixer) and Raffaela DeLuca (Boom Operator) in the Sound Department. It was a great cast and crew and I had a lot of fun making this TV mini serieswhich we shot the majority of scenes at my  alma mater St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa including a scene at a basketball game. Brooke Shields and Carlo Delle Piane were both great to work with.

Below are some behind the scenes Photos and Behind the Scenes Video from the making of "An American Love." The Behind The Scenes video appears on my website with permission of and Courtesy of TV-11 St. Ambrose University. Special Thanks to Duke Schneider.

"An American Love" aka Un Amore Americano was a Two part TV Mini Series that was about an Italian who comes to an American University where he falls in love with a woman without her really knowing it.

Produced by Antonio Avati and Georgi Leopardi. Directed by Piero Schivazappa. Starring Carlo Delle Piane, Brooke Shields, Meme Perlini, and Richard Joseph Paul.

An american love