Clip for  "A Compulsion To Murder" from a early Edit work tape so the quality has been reduced. When I get the time, I will upload a digital master.

Outtakes reel for  "A Compulsion To Murder" from a early work tape - quality reduced.

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Behind The Scenes Shot taken on the set of "A Compulsion To Murder" of Jill Rae Zurborg confronting the killer. 

Positioning Actress Jill Zurborg for a shot of the confrontation with the killer along the foggy early morning banks of the Mississippi River. 

Director Jeff Carney rehearsing with actresses Janelle Vanerstrom and Jennifer Vanerstrom during filming of "A Compulsion To Murder."

Screen shots of "A Compulsion To Murder" from a early work tape with screen shot quality reduced.

"A Compulsion To Murder" is a film about a serial killer who terrorizes a community. One woman catches on to his routine and tries to end his reign of terror at a early morning confrontation along a river.

Produced, Directed, and Written by Jeff Carney.  Associate Producer Kim Dahms. Starring Lainie Whiles, Rebecca Callaway, Jill Rae Zurborg, Jennifer Vanerstrom, Janelle Vanerstrom, Shane Partlow, and Tim Edmonds. Cinematography and Editing by Jeff Carney   Film Development Coordinator Jeff Carney  

A compulsion to murder