Autopsy Of The Dead

"AUTOPSY OF THE DEAD"  Executive Producer James N. Cirronella Sr.
Produced and Directed by Jeff Carney. Produced by Jim Cirronella.

You can stay up to date on AUTOPSY of the DEAD by liking our Facebook page for the latest Autopsy news and see some rare artifacts and material from Night Of The Living Dead. Much of which is exclusive to AUTOPSY of the DEAD.Some of which has never been seen before including on the Autopsy DVD.  You'll also have a chance to interact with other NOTLD fans who share your love for the classic 1968 George Romero film.

In late Sept of 2007, Karl Hardman passed away from Pancreatic cancer. He was one of the talented creative forces behind Night Of The Living Dead as well as being one of the nicest and funniest people you could ever know.  If you are a fan of Night Of The Living Dead and would like to honor Karl in some way - Please take the time and make a donation (in any amount) to the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania.
It was an organization that Karl supported. 

You can donate at the
Animal League's website.

Also Night Of The Living Dead's Gary Streiner is leading the cause to save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel that appears in the film.


The Official site is now up and running to save the chapel. Please visit for the latest details and to donate.


                                        Menu Screen from the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD

Autopsy Of The Dead won Best Documentary Of The Year at the Dead Letter Awards sponsored by Mail Order Zombie.

It was fan nominated for Best Independent Film of the Year (2009) at the Eighth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.

We were also nominated for the Video industry's highest honor, Best Direct To Video Title Of The Year at the 2010 Reaper Awards (sponsored by Home Media Magazine and - celebrity judge filmmaker Roger Corman).

Want to know what the Night Of The Living Dead fans are saying about Autopsy Of The Dead - visit the DVD Review page

Autopsy Of The Dead is a nearly 2 1/2 hour documentary (without the extra features which add nearly another 1 hour of viewing) on the 1968 classic film, Night Of The Living Dead, directed by George Romero (The Zombie Autopsies).  It's unlike any documentary or interview you have previously seen on that classic horror film. As we purposely avoided interviewing the same people (George Romero,John Russo, Russ Streiner among others) whom are always spotlighted in past documentaries, DVD commentaries, print and TV interviews. While their contributions to the film are well documented and appreciated, we wanted to preserve the stories of those who participated in NOTLD but have not had a opportunity to have their memories of the classic film told. In Autopsy Of The Dead you not only get to hear these amazing stories (21 interviews) that take you back to the making of the film but see rare and previously unseen photos/images/props and many more surprises. Autopsy Of The Dead is not made for the casual viewer but for the real Night Of The Living Dead fan as it gives you unprecedented access to exclusive interviews and rare treasures in the biggest documentary ever made on the film.

The Home Video Industry honored Autopsy Of The Dead with a Best Direct To Video Title of the year nomination as announced in the #1 source for entertainment news in the home video industry, Home Media Magazine (Sept 6-12, 2009 issue). The 2010 Reaper Awards is under way (until October 1, 2010) so help us ghouls out by voting for Autopsy Of The Dead at the Reaper Awards website.

Fan voting is in and Autopsy Of The Dead earned a Best Independent Film of 2009 nominee at the Eighth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards

More cities added to the Autopsy Of The Dead 2010 DVD Tour


Board up the windows and doors!  Autopsy Of The Dead is coming to a horror convention near you.  The Autopsy Of The Dead DVD Tour will make stops in the following cities:

2/26-2/28 - Steel City Con (Monroeville, PA)

3/12-3/14 - Monster Mania (Cherry Hill, NJ)

3/19-3/21 - Saturday Nightmares (Jersey City, NJ) w/ Charles Craig and Gary Streiner

3/26-3/28 - HorrorHound Weekend (Indianapolis, IN) w/ Charles Craig

4/16-4/18 - Chiller Theatre Expo (Parsippany, NJ)

4/23-4/25 - Motor City Nightmares (Novi, MI) w/ Charles Craig and Gary Streiner

4/30-5/2 - Texas Frightmare Weekend (Dallas, TX) w/ Charles Craig and Gary Streiner
This one is extra special since my favorite Director John Carpenter (Halloween/Escape From New York/The Fog/The Thing/Christine) is a guest at the show.

 7/9-7/11 - Famous Monsters (Indianapolis, IN) w/ Charles Craig and Gary Streiner

Reunion show: HorrorHound Weekend  in Indianapolis on March 26-28 featuring George Romero and the Day Of The Dead 25th anniversary reunion. And appearing exclusively at the Autopsy table: Charles Craig, Night of the Living Dead's  iconic newscaster.

                 For more information, visit the official HorrorHound Weekend site.
                 More cities on the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD tour to be announced.

                     Autopsy Of The   


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                                                                      Trailer #3


Charles Craig during filming of Autopsy Of The Dead in the original location where his newsroom scenes were shot in Night Of The Living Dead (office space today but in 1967 it was the Hardman Associates Studio). For those who asked - Yes that is the voice of Charles Craig in the Autopsy Of The Dead trailers. You'll remember him as the TV news anchor who was reporting on the dead returning to life in Night Of The Living Dead


         Charles Craig in the newsroom location during filming of Night Of The Living Dead.




                                   Autopsy Of The Dead DVD cover
Release Date: Now Available on DVD

In 1968, the DEAD walked...

Now the DEAD will talk.

Board up the windows and doors! More than 40 years after filming the 1968 horror masterpiece Night of the Living Dead, the 'dead' return in the all-new documentary Autopsy of the Dead. Packed with extensive and exclusive cast & crew interviews, never-before-seen color photos and behind the scenes footage, visits to the original filming locations and other surprises, get ready for the most in-depth visual document on the making of the great American horror film that won't stay dead.

Autopsy Of The Dead is the ultimate forensic investigation of the classic modern horror film Night of the Living Dead.  A comprehensive documentary which preserves the history behind the 1968 film, Night Of The Living Dead, which was directed by George Romero.  A masterpiece of horror that some have called "the best horror movie ever made" and "one of the most gruesomely terrifying movies ever made."

Featuring 21 all new exclusive interviews with those closest to the production, many of whom have not spoken before on the film, the documentary gives the viewer unique insight and access to what the experience of making the film was like.  Autopsy Of The Dead is among the longest documentaries ever made on the making of a film at 2 hrs 24 minutes. This does not even include the supplement section on the DVD. There is a special 100 minute public screening version that will be shown at select horror conventions in 2010 - This version still allows fans to discover much more on the Autopsy DVD (another 44 minutes of documentary footage along with almost an 1 hr of supplemental material).

Producer/Director Jeff Carney said "A lot of  interviews are turned into sound bytes which are short - Producer Jim Cirronella and myself didn't want to do that. Rather we let the people talk. It gives the viewer the impression they are sitting there listening in on a conversation about how the film was made. We certainly discovered some fascinating and entertaining stories. The most important aspect of Autopsy Of The Dead that I wanted to accomplish,  along with Producer Jim Cirronella, was to preserve as much of the history around the film as we could which included giving those who were involved in the film, but have not spoken very much about it through the years, a voice to be heard. Each of them had their own unique perspective and own life story to tell. We shot over 30 hours of interviews. While I edited as much as I could into the documentary, a lot of the outtake interviews (over 50 minutes of additional footage) which are not included on the DVD is available as online exclusives to watch for free at  and at the George Romero fan site Homepage Of The dead as well as Icons Of Fright. You can also find the footage on this website.  The exclusive footage has a lot of background history on the individuals we interviewed. The majority of that footage is very different from what is in the documentary. So it's almost like having access to a second documentary for free."

Carney said "It's a very different documentary that what has been done in the past. We purposely stayed away from interviewing George Romero, Russell Streiner, John Russo, and a few others who have been interviewed, both in print and on camera, a lot in the past on the film. While I personally always enjoyed hearing them talk about the movie and appreciated their talent and their own individual marks which they left on Night Of The Living Dead - Autopsy Of The Dead goes into a completely different direction and is about those who have not talked a lot about the film through the years
and preserving their stories.  Yet there will still be a few familiar faces and some new faces for fans to appreciate and learn about in our documentary. It's definitely not the same stories which fans of the film have heard and read about for years."

"From the title alone, Autopsy Of The Dead, viewers are going to know they are going to get a up close and personal look at the making of the film. We really dig into all sorts of details. Fans will also learn some more about the three main companies involved in the film: The Latent Image, Hardman Associates, and The Animators. That's not to mention discovering  never before seen photos, props, location visits, and a few other surprises."

Carney added, "Night Of The Living Dead has always been a influential film. Personally it was one of the reasons I wanted to get involved in filmmaking. George Romero, Russ Streiner, John Russo, and Karl Hardman were all inspirations when I was a child growing up and watching the film on the Creature Feature television show on the weekends. It's one of the most successful independent films ever made. Autopsy's 21 interviews shed some new light on that success and on the talented cast and crew which made the movie.  Night Of The Living Dead deserved a new unique look on how it was made and what it was like to be on the set in 1967.  Autopsy Of The Dead provides a detailed view of that."

Producer Jim Cirronella said, "If I had just one word to describe Night of the Living Dead, it would be love. While it may seem strange to describe a film in which the dead rise to attack and devour the living as "love," it is that rare cinematic work where the filmmakers' collective love and devotion to their craft is evident in every frame.  It's equally rare that for a film initially dismissed by its critics, it was almost immediately loved and embraced by a worldwide legion of fans. Their rabid enthusiasm for the cultural phenomenon that exists today due to Night of the Living Dead can best be described as love. It's this same love and respect for the original film which compelled us to preserve its history by creating Autopsy of the Dead."

"Autopsy Of The Dead is designed to be a historical documentary on the film. We want to preserve as much about the film as we could from the personal stories to photos and materials due to the historical significance that this film has in the motion picture industry.  We were definitely on a mission to document the history to the best of our ability. 
Each cast and crew member had their own unique contribution to the film which should never be forgotten.  I'm very proud to say we preserved their stories.  Night Of The Living Dead changed cinema forever when the dead walked for the first time on that silver screen back in 1968.  Horror films were never the same thanks to all the talent behind the film " said Producer/Director Jeff Carney.

The first 200 DVDs sold only through the official site come with a randomly inserted  autograph.  For complete details please visit the official site's promotion page. DVDs purchased from the official site are $24.99 (shipping included in the U.S.).

DVDs are also be available on for $28.99 (shipping included
 in the U.S.

We appreciate all the interest - Amazon is already sold out but will be restocked soon.

You can still order via the official site which has the DVDs in stock.


 Some Trivia:

I'm was the cinematographer and editor. Jim Cirronella also handled 2nd unit duties with the camera and directing 2nd unit. The production was shot in and around PIttsburgh, PA and in Washington D.C.  The actual running time of Autopsy Of The Dead is 2 hours and 24 minutes. This running time does not include the special features - The DVD will have a lot of extra features  - total time of the DVD will be close to 3 hours.

                                                  Autopsy Of The Dead DVD back cover

The DVD specifications:

144 Minutes / 4:3 / Color

Special Features
                          · Locations of the Dead: A visit to the original filming locations
                          · 1967 Behind-the-Scenes Newsreel
                          · Profile: Rick Catizone of The Animators
                          · Archive of the Dead: A gallery of authentic props & memorabilia
                          · Blooper Reel
                          · Original Theatrical Trailers, TV & Radio Spots
                          · Original Publicity Still Gallery

The DVD is All-Region, NTSC format

                            Menu Screen from the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD

In addition there will be nearly 50 minutes of exclusive online content. You can see a couple of these clips here on the next page.

Many of the 21 cast members for Autopsy Of The Dead  have never been interviewed regarding their involvement in the film. The Autopsy cast includes:
Charles Craig (Newscaster, posse member, zombie)
Kyra Schon (Karen Cooper, dead body at the top of the stairs)
Gary Streiner (Sound man, posse member with a meat hook, Image Ten Investor)
Bill Hinzman (Cemetery Zombie, camera assistant, Image Ten Investor)
Regis Survinski (Explosions/zombie/Image Ten Investor)
Ella Mae Smith (Zombie)
Bill Cardille (Reporter, Chiller Theater)
Dave James (Last Zombie to be shot)
Steve Hutsko (cameraman for Bill Cardille)
Bob Harvey (Helicopter)
Joe Unitas (Lighting supervisor)
Lee Hartman (Zombie, newsroom typist, posse member, The Animators)
Rick Catizone (End Credits - The Animators)
William Burchinal (Zombie)
Bill Mogush (Zombie, Image Ten Investor)
Dick Heckard (Posse member "The Black Hat")
Charles Odato (Props)
Herbert Summer (Zombie who was shot at the gas pump by Duane Jones)
Norma Jean and Ken Gass (family who owned the farm house)
Lee Hollihan (Cricket Sound Effects)



While the cast of the film are from Pennsylvania,  I did have one Quad Cities talent, Kimberly Kurtenbach Furness,  get involved with the production as the narrator.  I've worked with Kim on several films in the past and it was great fun to have her involved once again.

Kimberly Kurtenbach Furness

                     Coming soon: Autopsy Of The Dead Outtakes Reel                             

Some photos from Autopsy Of The Dead.

Behind The Scenes shot of Kyra Schon, who played Karen Cooper in Night Of The Living Dead, during her "Autopsy" interview in the original basement location for the farm house.  Actually the basement is in a office building that housed The Latent Image.  It was the first time Kyra had been back to the basement since filming her scenes in Night Of The Living Dead.

Director/Producer Jeff Carney filming in the basement location used in Night Of The Living Dead for an extensive location supplement for the Autopsy Of The Dead DVD.

Bill Cardille during his interview for "Autopsy Of The Dead."  Besides being a legend in  the Pittsburgh broadcast industry and being remembered as the reporter from Night Of The Living Dead, Bill hosted "Chiller Theater."

Gary Streiner talking about the dedicated and talented team that brought Night Of The Living Dead to life.

Regis Survinski remembering his days creating explosives and nights as a zombie during the production of Night Of The Living Dead.


Dave James, another legend in Pittsburgh Television and the last zombie who gets shot in Night Of The Living Dead.

Joe Unitas, Lighting supervisor on Night Of The Living Dead, explaining the lighting which gave the film it's unique and memorable look.

Behind the scenes shot of Steve Hutsko who was Bill Cardille's cameraman in Night Of The Living Dead.  Sadly Steve passed away unexpectedly just a few months after our interview. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Dorothy and the family.

2nd Unit shooting the Pittsburgh skyline for Autopsy Of The Dead.  Assistant Camera / Assistant to Director Carrie McDowell behind camera and Producer Jim Cirronella taking some stills.

                                The monitor during editing of Autopsy Of The Dead.


                           Continued on Autopsy Of The Dead Page 2


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