On set making a film.

Directing Jason Miller (from The Exorcist) 

Filming Kyra Schon (from Night Of The Living Dead).

Introductory montage of photos from a few of the films I have worked on as well as produced/directed through the years.  Whether it's an early film or a current movie production, this newly designed and expanded website is filled with surprises to browse through including some of the films we made in the Quad Cities (Illinois and Iowa). New photos, behind the scenes footage, and clips have been added and I will continue to add content as time permits. Actors can find the latest audition announcements on my casting page. As a filmmaker from Iowa, this website is a way for me to thank those who gave me opportunities through the years to work on their films and to the many friends in front of and behind the camera on the films that I've produced/directed. Through photos and videos, you will be able to see some of those projects here. There has been quite a few people, especially during the early years, whose assistance I've very much appreciated including my parents who were always supportive. I've enjoyed hearing from so many of you. Thanks for stopping by Jeff Carney Films aka Astro-Field Productions Film and Video Agency.  Enjoy your visit. - Jeff Carney

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Behind the Scenes photos / video which Jeff Carney took on the various films that he has worked on and on films that he produced and directed.

Over 24 different films to select from on the Film page including Autopsy Of The Dead, Siege Of Evil, Field Of Dreams, An American Love, and many more. 

He has made and worked on over 24 films and 200 short films in a career that has covered independent to studio released films.


Jeff Carney has a wide range of 30+ years of filmmaking experience. He follows each of his films through from the earliest concept to a finished movie all in house.

Whether it's past or current projects, soon to be made films, or casting opportunities for actors - you'll find the latest information for filmmaker Jeff Carney's movies on this site.


5/10/20 Scrapbook updated and New Travel Vlog added

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